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Model 130, 135, 150


Up to 10,000 psi and critical service needs are met by the Model 130 gate valve. Part of the 100 series of gate valves, the Model 130 is our 10,000 psi, critical service option. Tested above and beyond API 6A PR2 requirements, the Model 120 is available from -75 to 400 F, in AA-HH materials, for up to 10,000 psi, while the 135 reaches 12,250 psi, and the 150 reaches 15,000 psi.

With the same critical safety features as the Model 120, the Models 130 and 135 utilize more metal-to-metal sealing and corrosion-resistant materials. Hardfacing on the gate combined with full metal-to-metal sealing between the gate, seat, and valve body, creates a rugged, durable gate valve with a 20-year design life. The Belleville spring-loaded seat energizes for low-flow, low-pressure sealing, with constant sealing between itself and the gate. At the top of the stem resides the stem packing, and FMC’s patented UV-type energizes under pressure and is inert to all drilling fluids. The stem itself is non-rising and does not drag debris into the stem packing.

A replaceable lift nut has several advantages – it protects the gate, offers easy replacement, and provides maximum gate float. Without the lift nut valve repair would be much more costly.