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Thermal Wellhead Assemblies

Below is an illustration of a simplistic dedicated steam injection wellhead assembly that is designed for, and is proven in, Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Applications (SAGD). The wellhead features dual seal isolation of tubing and casing annuli, with a graphite seal on the tubing hanger body outside diameter, and a metal to metal seal on the tubing hanger extended neck.  Galaxy has developed many other products to compliment its thermal line of wellhead and piping equipment, including various metal to metal pipe connectors, stuffing boxes, swivels, etc.  As is illustrated, tubing head and spool housings are available with extended clamp hub side outlet orientation in addition to standard flanged and studded outlet preparations. All Galaxy thermal wellhead assemblies are manufactured in accordance with API Specification 6A and are tailored to meet individual Customer identified criteria.  These assemblies are available for use in applications ranging in temperature from -50 degrees Fahrenheit to +650 degrees Fahrenheit, and can be made to satisfy the requirements of NACE MR01-75, when necessary.


Illustrated here is a thermal tubing head assembly that has been designed for SAGD dedicated steam injection service.  In addition to its primary function, this design permits the operator to independently trip tubing and thermocouple lines.  This design features use of graphite and metal to metal seals between tubing and casing annulus areas.  As is the case with all Galaxy manufactured thermal wellhead assemblies; design, manufacture and fabrication occurs in accordance with API Specification 6A and Customer identified requirements.  Assemblies can be designed and constructed in compliance with NACE MR01-75 specifications, and are available to suit Customer operating temperatures ranging from -50 degrees Fahrenheit to +650 degrees Fahrenheit.


This wellhead has been designed and proven in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage gas lift assisted and dedicated production applications where a thermocouple string is not required.  Like most of the SAGD thermal wellhead assemblies that Galaxy designs, this wellhead features the extended body dual sealed tubing hanger with graphite and metal to metal seal.  It features a surface safety valve for maximum containment and control of annular and tubing pressures above the high temperature metal to metal positive sealing master gate valve. This wellhead is designed in accordance with API Specification 6A requirements and NACE MR01-75 specifications when required.  This assembly may be employed in applications where temperatures range from -50 degrees Fahrenheit to +650 degrees Fahrenheit.


Designed for dedicated production service in SAGD recovery, this wellhead provides suspension of production tubing, a coiled tubing support ring and coiled tubing internally containing a thermocouple line.  A stout body, external graphitically sealed tubing hanger is employed with a metal to metal isolation sleeve to contain casing and tubing annulus pressures. In addition to the pump jack orientation, this wellhead illustrates a master valve below the B.O.P. for maximum wellhead control in the event of a polish rod break or stuffing box failure. It features a weld-on Galaxy type "Q" steam service tubing head with extended Galaxy clamp hub outlets.  Of course, this wellhead is designed in accordance with the provisions of API Specification 6A and customer identified criteria.  It may be employed in applications falling under the jurisdiction of NACE MR01-75 and in temperature applications which range from -50 degrees Fahrenheit to +650 degrees Fahrenheit.



Over the last three decades, Galaxy has been an industry leader in design, manufacture and fabrication of dual purpose steam injection and oil production wellhead systems.  Often referred to as "Huff and Puff" wellheads, they come in many shapes and sizes tailored to suit both a variety of service conditions and user preferences.  Despite their differences, they all feature a tubing head, tubing head adapter, blowout preventer, flow cross, stuffing box, valves, pipe fittings and pressure and temperature gauges.  The wellhead we have illustrated incorporates a Galaxy type "TB" tubing head with extended flanged side outlets and a tapered tubing hanger.  The tubing head outlets can be flange studded, clamp connection or Wedgelok one-bolt type.  The tubing head adapter, blowout preventer and flow cross are flanged in the vertical run.  The male threaded stuffing box is mounted on the flow cross with a companion flange.  This design illustrates flanged, clamp, weld and threaded connections. Galaxy manufactures a line of flow crosses (tees), stuffing boxes and special end connections to suit customer preferences.  Products manufactured for this challenging application are of the highest quality in accordance with applicable specifications our licenses.