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Conventional Wellhead Assemblies

The Galaxy type “GA” weld–on or thread-on tubing head is becoming quite popular in the shallow low-pressure well situations. The type “GA” tubing head pictured here is available in 7 1/16”, 9” and 11” top flanged sizes and can be supplied with your preference of either line pipe threaded, studded, extended flanged, extended clamp joint hub or extended Wedgelok hub side outlets.  Also pictured here is the type “TA-1” tubing head, the type “MPA” male pin threaded tubing head adapter and the type “TFT” threaded flow tee.  Of course, customer valve choice is offered for the casing annulus and flowline positions.

Represented here for casing suspension is the most commonly utilized type of equipment in the Galaxy 9” repertoire.  The Galaxy type “GH” casing head housing complete with Galaxy type “GH” manual (pictured here) or “GH-2” automatic casing hanger and type “GHP” primary seal assembly are employed for the majority of Alberta’s shallow to medium depth wells.  Together with the “GH” series intermediate string suspension and seal equipment, we have the economically minded type “GA” series flanged tubing suspension housing.  The Galaxy type “GA” tubing spool is pictured with the mating type “TA-1” tubing hanger and “GAC” snap ring retained secondary seal assembly with integral bit guide.  As a flowing orientated completion is being represented, so are the Galaxy types “MPA” tubing head adapter and type “TFT” flow tee.



Galaxy’s, most economical 11” and larger flanged wellhead line is the “GC-22”. It is is available in casing head or spool form and is available with various outlet connections, as are all Galaxy casing head housing and spools.  Galaxy type “GC-22” automatic and “GC-21” manual (illustrated below) casing hangers and type “GCP” primary seal assemblies are used in type “CG-22” housings.  Above the Galaxy “GC-22” casing head we have the Galaxy type “TB” tubing head.  The type “TB” tubing spool is utilized by economically minded users wherever higher pressures are anticipated, and larger flange sizes will be utilized.  The “TB” spool uses the Galaxy type “TH-1” or “TH-2”tubing hanger, type “FF” bit pilot and type “GLS” or “GLS-SR” (illustrated below) secondary seal assembly.  Also represented here are the type “SSA” tubing head adapter and the type “FFT” flanged flow tee.

This assembly demonstrates the premium method for stud-in and well completion in a higher pressure NACE flowing situation.  The Galaxy type “GSB” casing head is represented here, along with the type “GAS” automatic casing hanger and type “GLS” primary seal assembly.  Type “GMS” manual casing hangers are also available for the type “GSB” casing head housing.  Above the casing head,  you will find the Galaxy “Q” tubing head spool with the type “Q” extended neck tubing hanger permitting a series crossover, type “FF” bit pilot and type “GLS” stack-on secondary seal assembly installed.  The type “PT” tubing head adapter and type “FFT” flow tee are also illustrated in this assembly.  For those desiring an additional outlet above the dual master valve, a Galaxy “4WSC” studded flow cross can be provided in place of the “FFT” flow tee.  This form of well completion is very common where assured ease in landing and tripping of the suspension devices is desired, as both the type “GSB” casing head and type “Q” tubing spools utilized a straight bore configuration.

Pictured here is a multiple casing string dual completion wellhead for sour service.  Galaxy’s type “GSB” premium casing suspension and seal equipment is represented here and is utilized wherever sour service or deep wells are anticipated.  The type “GSB” casing head and casing spool utilize either the type “GAS” automatic (pictured here) or type “GMS” manual casing hanger and type “GLS” primary seal assembly.  Installed in the type “GSB” casing spool is the type “FF” bit pilot and type “GLS” stack-on type secondary seal assembly.  The tubing suspension housing is the Galaxy type “Q” which also utilizes the type “FF” bit pilot and type “GLS” secondary seal assembly.  The Galaxy type “QDO” dual completion extended neck mandrel tubing hanger and type “PT” tubing head adapter are represented; however, Galaxy type “QDC” compression  style multiple completion tubing hangers and type “Q” regular or extended neck single completion  mandrel tubing hangers are available for the type “Q” tubing spool.  Customized tree top adapters and multiple completion flow tees are also manufactured by Galaxy Oilfield Service Ltd.