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Auxilliary Drilling Equipment

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Bore Protector & Bore Protector Handling Tool

During the drilling cycle, when drill bits or other service tools are landed or retrieved, damage can be incurred to the bore of the casing suspension housing. Because of this, many operators opt to preserve the internal preparation of the suspension housing with a bore protector. The bore protector is retained inside the casing suspension housing and is isolated from the housing bore by means of elastomer o-rings. The bore protector is manufactured close to tolerance of the casing suspension housing and features dove-tailed seal grooves; for more secure retention of the O-rings during landing and retrieving operations. Bore protectors are available for type "GC- 22" and type "GSB" casing suspension housings.

Retrievable Wear Bushing & Tie-Down Flange Assembly

Like the bore protector, a wear bushing is available for all Galaxy "GC-22" and "GSB" series casing suspension housings. Its purpose is the same as that of a bore protector - to preserve the internal preparation of the casing suspension housing. Unlike the bore protector, the wear bushing is retained in a tie-down flange assembly. Therefore, tie-down flanges must be employed whenever wear bushings are employed.

Test Plug Assembly

The primary purpose of this tool is for testing of the blow out preventer stack above the casing head housing. The Galaxy design test plug is a four part assembly consisting of:

  1. Test plug body with seal rings
  2. Test plug bushing with seal rings
  3. Retaining nut
  4. Inner plug (when operator specified)

The test plug assembly is lowered on the drilling string to its seating position in the casing head housing or casing head spool. Galaxy's test plugs are normally equipped with a 4 1/2" female internal flush (IF) threaded connection on top and a 4 1/2" male internal flush (IF) threaded connection on the bottom. Connections with other thread profiles in 4 1/2" can be provided upon request. Frequent inspection and service is recommended.

All drilling assistance tools including: bore protector handling tools, wear bushing tie-down flanges, double studded or drilled pack-off flanges, spacer flanges and test plug assemblies, are available from Galaxy on a rental basis. Due to the expendable nature of bore protectors and wear bushings, these items are not available on a rental basis.