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Externally Energized Metal Seal (XEMS)


FMC’s XEMS is a two-piece metal seal that works ideally as a mandrel hanger seal. A durable alternative to elastomer seal sealing systems, the XEMS is qualified for sour service (CO2 and H2S) for up to 20,000 psi and, for certain pressures, up to 13-1/2". Coated with PTFE, the XEMS is available for -75 to 350 F environments in AA-HH trim classes.

Run through the BOP stack, the XEMS is energized by lockdown screws or an internal latch mechanism, depending on the wellhead in which it is used. It is installed integrally with the tubing hanger without any specialized tools. The flexible compression ring has a "memory" and can be re-energized.