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Straight Bore Metal Seal (SBMS)

A self-energized seal, the SBMS is a non-integral, bi-directional sleeve that meets moderate to highly corrosive environmental conditions, typically as a tubing or mandrel hanger seal. It has been successfully qualified for fire-resistant wellheads and is used both on and offshore. First patented in 1984, the SBMS was originally designed for an offshore application to meet Shell’s SIPM certification. It meets API PR2 6A and 6FC requirements, and has a 0% gas leakage acceptance rate, even though API permits up to 5%. FMC wants you to trust your wellhead to perform, so we eliminate as many variables as possible.

The seal can be installed separately and easily replaced; based on an interference fit with pressure-intensified sealing. As the tubing head bonnet is nippled up, the seal bump engages an entry ramp in the seal bore, radially deflecting the seal lip inward – thus creating the contact stress required to effect a seal. As low as 25 psi, the SBMS retains full sealing capabilities for: 5,000-20,000 psi, AA-HH trims, and 2-1/16" – 7-1/4" respective bore sizes. This seal will adapt to multiple well configurations, requires no installation tools, and does not require any flange make-up or suspended weight. The SBMS meets virtually any wellhead’s needs, with simple installation and predictable reliability.