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M2M Packoff

Utilized in FMC’s high-performance Unihead wellheads, the M2M Packoff seals the annular space between the wellhead and casing hanger. Preloaded at installation, it gives outstanding sealing performance at low pressure, as well as pressures up to 15,000 psi. Available with either a metal-to-metal or elastomer seal assembly, the M2M packoff is qualified for sour service and is ideal for offshore applications.

Both the elastomer and metal seal assemblies are fully interchangeable with all casing hangers and running tools, and they are rated for 15,000 psi and H2S service. In addition, the M2M packoff meets 250°F service and successfully gas tested to 350°F. Requiring only 15,000 lbs running string weight and 3,500 psi pressure below the BOP to energize and lock the seal assembly, no torque is required when setting or retrieving the seal assembly. A locking mandrel forces the hanger lock ring into the mating groove in the casing hanger, locking the seal assembly to the hanger. An optional wellhead lock ring secures the seal assembly and hanger in position, providing a positive surface indication that the hanger and seal assembly are spaced out correctly. This lock ring was tested to 1.5 million lbs. Retrieved to the surface with the running tool (if they are not fully energized and locked to the casing hanger), they are run with either the Single Trip Tool or the Annulus Seal Assembly Running Tool. They can be retrieved with the Spring Loaded Tool by stabbing the tool into the seal assembly and picking straight up (approximately 25,000 lbs overpull).