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UH-4 Drill-Through Unihead System

The UH-4 Unihead system is a reliable, flexible, and cost-effective drilling and production solution for critical applications. This system uses metal-to-metal sealing technology and is tested to extended field life. This is a fully featured surface system using through-bore technology with both elastomeric and metal-to-metal sealing capabilities.

The UH-4 drill-through Unihead is a critical application wellhead system with full metal-to-metal sealing capabilities. This system offers rig-time savings, better well control and safer operations for rig crews. Top-of-the-line materials and cladding ensure equipment will last through the life of the well with minimum maintenance and lost production.

The UH-4 Unihead system offers the following advantages:

- Metal-to-metal sealing

- Single piece unihead with reduced number of penetrations

- Significant rig-time savings due to through-bore Unihead design with no lock-down screws

- Well is drilled under full BOP protection with no need to remove and reinstall BOP between drilling stages

- Improved rig safety and installation efficiency

- No need for personnel to work under suspended BOP stack

- No waiting on cement with mandrel casing hangers

- Field-proven and reliable design