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UH-3 Drill-Through Unihead System

The UH-3 Unihead system incorporates pressure-energized metal-end-cap seals for low temperature and corrosive environment applications. The UH-3 Unihead system shares the same great features and benefits as the UH-2 Unihead system. The PI-MEC packoffs use expanding latch rings to hold the casing hangers in place, replacing the need for lockdown screws. The latch ring and mating groove are designed to transfer the casing load directly to the casing spool and conductor. The independent load shoulders allow greater weights of casing to be supported safely.

The UH-3 drill-through Unihead is a compact and unitized wellhead system that offers rig-time savings, better well control and safer operations for rig crews. This reliable and field-proven system is installed as a single unit that allows drilling, running casing, cementing and installation of all the hangers and packoffs through the BOP stack. This design minimizes BOP manipulation and saves significant rig time while improving safety. The UH-3 Unihead can be used as an alternative to the UH-2 system and offers the following advantages:

- Metal end-cap seals on the PI packoffs

- Can be used in arctic temperatures up to -75o F

- No lock-down screws

- Independent load shoulder design with heavy load capacity

- Improved rig safety and installation efficiency

- No need for personnel to work under suspended BOP stack

- Significant rig-time savings due to through-bore Unihead design

- Well is drilled under full BOP protection with no need to remove and reinstall BOP between drilling stages

- No waiting on cement with mandrel casing hangers

- Split flange spools offer flexible contingency operations

- Field-proven and reliable design