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UH-1 Drill-Through Unihead System


The UH-1 drill-through Unihead system is a compact and unitized wellhead system that offers rig-time savings, better well control, and safer operations for rig crews.

This reliable and field-proven system is installed as a single unit that allows drilling, running casing, cementing and installation of all the hangers and packoffs through the BOP stack. This design minimizes BOP manipulation and saves significant rig time while improving safety.

The UH-1 Unihead system is used as an alternative to the conventional wellhead system and offers the following advantages:

- Safer installation procedures

- No need to work under suspended BOP stack

- Saves up to 20 hours of rig time per well

- Casing hangers and packoffs can be landed and locked under full BOP protection

- Because lower and upper spools installed as one unit, there is no need to manipulate BOP stack during drilling

- Available in a single piece or split Unihead body