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Casing Spools

Casing Spools

casing spool (n.) - Equipment responsible for hanging the next casing string.

Designed with a bowl containing a load shoulder, each casing spool in the wellhead stackup hangs each casing sting after the casing head and before the tubing head. The bottom prep of the spool has been engineered to contain a packoff seal and flange for either a clamp-hub or a standard flange connection. For annular access, either studded or line pipe outlets can be machined into the spool.

Providing a controlled bore in the top bowl for the casing hanger seal, it also provides a seal in the bottom bowl to pack off the previous casing string and isolate the ID seals from internal casing pressure. An additional function of the casing spool is to allow for testing BOPs while drilling, retaining the bowl protector, and pressure-testing casing seals through a test port.


This straight-bowl casing spool eliminates the need for lockdown screws to retain the bowl protector, creating fewer leak paths than other standard casing spools and prevents wedge-locking of pressure-energized parts (hangers, test plugs). This model accepts C-21, C-24, and C122 casing hangers, and is formulated for use with C-22-BOP test plugs.

Threaded, studded, or flanged outlets can be machined to access the annulus, depending on your well. Bottom prep options range from metal seals to proprietary non-metallic seals, also determined by your well conditions and requirements. 

C-29 & C-29-ET
Industry standard C-29 bowl sizes are found in both the C-29 and the C-29-ET, the –ET version designed to utilize lockdown screws in the top flange. Lockdown screws retain the hanger and energize the integral packoff seal. With a bowl deeper than that of the C-22 product line, these spools accept all HP/HT developed casing hangers, and are available with one of several bottom prep options, ranging from elastomer bushings to rough casing metal seals.