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Casing Heads

Casing Heads

casing head   (n.) - The lowest part of the wellhead that is almost always connected to the surface casing string, and provides a means of suspending and packing off the next casing string.

Providing attachment to the surface casing string through the type of bottom connection (Slip-on-weld, threaded, Sliploc), the casing head is typically qualified to withstand up to 10,000 psi working pressure. It suspends the casing and packs off the next casing string while providing annular outlets, as well as supporting the BOP while drilling the remaining stages.


Accepting the C-21 and C-22 –type casing hangers, the standard C-22-EG head is an API standard. It eliminates the need for lockdown screws to retain the bowl protectors, creating fewer leak paths. The bottom prep of the casing head can be machined to fit a variety of applications.

The straight bowl design prevents the wedge-locking of bowl protectors, casing hangers, and test plugs, simplifying the installation process. Like all FMC casing heads, the C-22-EG has the option of a detachable base plate, another time-saving feature.

Safety: No need to work under a suspended BOP.


Casing Head Specifications Option of Prep for
Detachable Face Plate
Line Pipe
Outlets (LPO)
Outlets (STDD)
 8-5/8" SOW x 9" 2K    Y  
 8-5/8" SOW x 9" 3K    Y  Y
 8-5/8" SOW x 11" 2K    Y  
 8-5/8" SOW x 11" 3K    Y  Y
 8-5/8" SOW x 11" 5K  Y  Y  Y
 9-5/8" SOW x 11" 2K  Y  Y  
 9-5/8" SOW x 11" 3K  Y  Y  Y
 9-5/8" SOW x 11" 5K  Y  Y  Y
 10-3/4" SOW x 11" 2K  Y  Y  
 10-3/4" SOW x 11" 3K  Y  Y  Y
 10-3/4" SOW x 11" 5K  Y  Y  Y
 13-3/8" SOW x 13-5/8" 3K  Y  Y  
 13-3/8" SOW x 13-5/8" 5K  Y  Y  Y
 16" SOW x 16-3/4" 3K  Y  Y  
 20" SOW x 20-3/4" 3K  Y  Y  Y
 20" SOW x 21-1/4" 2K  Y  


With a deeper bowl than a C-22 style casing head, the C-29 accepts the C-29 and C-24-model casing hangers. An API standard, this model is ideal for heavier loads than the C-22- bowl family.


The C-29-ET is compatible with the C-29 and C-24 casing hangers because it is part of the C-29 product line. With multiple lockdown screws in the top flange, it retains the hanger and can be used to energize the hanger packoff seal. (16" SOW x 16-3/4" 5K & 20" SOW x 21-1/4" 5K)