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Base Plates

base plate (n.) - A load-supporting device attached to the starting casing head by means of either mechanical or permanent (welding) connection.

Designed to support up to 2,000,000 pounds (907,105 kg), FMC’s base plates fit almost all surface applications. Depending on your operation’s needs, both detachable and non-detachable options are available. For standard applications, detachable base plates have the following available:

 Baseplate Size  Current Load Capacity  Desired Load Capacity
 11"  500,000 lbf vertical load  1,000,000 lbf vertical load
 13 5/8"  750,000 lbf vertical load  1,500,000 lbf vertical load
 16 3/4"  1,000,000 lbf vertical load  1,750,000 lbf vertical load
 20 3/4" & 21 1/4"  1,000,000 lbf vertical load  2,000,000 lbf vertical load

For non-standard applications, base plates for slip-on-weld (SOW) connections, as well as Sliploc and split-plate designs are also available. The type of base plate we provide can depend solely on your environment, and we will work with you to determine the most appropriate fit.