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Shallow Water JXT Systems

Stranded reserves = opportunities. While a single stranded reservoir may represent a small percentage of your total reserves, collectively these reservoirs represent a golden opportunity to significantly increase production volumes. Contact FMC to learn how our technology and experience can improve the economics of marginal fields by shortening time to first oil, lowering installation costs, and reducing abandonment and salvage costs. Increase your production. Not some day. Now.

The JXT shallow water subsea trees are ideal for operators seeking to exploit stranded reserves near existing infrastructure. Shallow water JXT (Jack-Up X-mass Tree) systems improve field economics, ensure lower CAPEX, and reduce time to first production. JXT-1 can be delivered in 4 to 6 month. This system offers lower installation and decommissioning costs.  Wells can be drilled and completed with single rig mobilization. Services offered with the JXT systems include, field development planning, EPC contracting, installation and aftermarket technical support. The services are available from bases in Asia, Europe, and North America. Packaged rental service tools available from our bases around the world include installation and intervention tooling, high pressure drilling risers, IWOC packages.

There are three shallow water JXT tree options available to our customers: JXT-1, JXT-2, and JXT-3.


  1. Provides an economical solution for tying back satellite wells in shallow waters
  2. Adaptable to any mudline suspension system
  3. Direct Hydraulic or MUX controls 
  4. Standard JXT-1 configuration includes the following:
    • Diver assisted installation
    • 3-1/16” 10,000 psi Block Tree System with 3-1/16" or 2-1/16" annulus access
    • Capable of four downhole hydraulic penetrations 
    • Material Class “FF-F6NM”
    • Design exceeds API 6A PR2 (Annex F)
    • Elastomeric seals
    • 10 year design life
  5. Standard JXT-2 configuration includes the following:
    • Diverless, ROV assisted installation
    • 4-1/16” 10,000 psi Block Tree System with 3-1/16" or 2-1/16" annulus access
    • Capable of three downhole hydraulic penetrations & one electric 
    • Material Class “FF-F6NM”
    • Design exceeds API 6A PR2 (Annex F)
    • Elastomeric seals
    • 10 year design life
  6.  Standard JXT-3 configuration includes the following:
    • Based on the latest subsea technology (EVDT)
    • Can be installed on mudline suspension system or on UWD subsea wellhead
    • Diverless, ROV-less installation
    • 5-1/8” 10,000 psi Block Tree System with 2-1/16" annulus access
    • Allows for 7 downhole functions (5 hydraulic, 2 electric)
    • API Material Class “FF-F6NM” and "HH"
    • Design exceeds API 6A PR2 (Annex F)
    • Metal-to-metal seals
    • 20 year design life


     Reduced overall drilling and completion costs

    1. Early production – shallow water subsea systems can be delivered in 4-6 months
    2. Lower installation costs - no derrick barges required for installation
    3. Lower decommissioning costs - no derrick barges required for decommissioning
    4. Development cost reduction for stranded reservoirs in close proximity to existing production infrastructure
    5. Turn exploration wells into producers
    6. Take advantage of excess production capacity


     Stranded reserves near existing infrastructure in jack-up applications

    1. Fields with host platforms within 10 miles
    2. Excess production capacity
    3. Exploration or development well
    4. Water or gas injection added to an existing field