Business Brings Multiphase Flow Meters to FMC

FMC Technologies continues to offer its customers the most cutting-edge technologies and global innovations in the industry and the late 2009 acquisition of Multi Phase Meters AS (MPM), based in Stavanger, Norway, is no exception.

MPM is a global leader chosen to be a part of FMC’s portfolio because of its specialized technologies. Known for the development and manufacturing of the latest high-performing multiphase flow meters, MPM delivers high accuracy and self-calibrating multiphase meters with low maintenance features designed to meet the industry's increasingly

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demanding requirements for subsea applications as well as topside applications.

FMC Technologies' customers will also find value in the product line’s consistently high accuracy over the full operating range of a well, regardless of gas fraction, water cut or fluid composition. The meters require virtually no maintenance and are constructed for a 25-year plus lifetime at extreme conditions.    

"We are pleased to become part of FMC Technologies and believe that the combination will further advance our product lines and solutions for a global set of oil and gas customers," said Hans Olav Hide, Chief Executive Officer of MPM.

The MPM product line, combined with FMC's Increased Oil Recovery (IOR) portfolio of technologies, will enable an even more complete range of solutions. The high-performance meters, although relatively new to markets, are expected to have robust growth, keeping with FMC’s brand promise to always provide its customers’ with the latest in advanced technologies and solutions.

MPM’s technology is based on 3D tomography using high frequency and broadband transceivers in combination with high rate data processing capabilities. Other facets of the meters include:

  • Unparalleled measurement accuracy
  • Robust for different flow regimes
  • Dual Mode – combining wet gas and multiphase flow functionality (covers full gas volume fraction range)
  • Easy field configuration procedure with self calibration capabilities
  • Salinity measurement allowing for water formation detection capabilities

For more information check out the website at: http://www.mpm-no.com.