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Riser Tensioner

FMC offers various tensioner systems from the basic fixed lock-off riser tensioner system to the more sophisticated hydro-pneumatic systems. These tensioner systems provide the top tension on the riser system that is required to ensure the survival of the riser system from the ocean currents, and waves and the motion of the floating platform relative to the riser.


Hydro-Pneumatic Tensioner (HPT) Systems

The HPT systems feature large hydraulic cylinders and accumulators which operate in severe offshore conditions. The HPT interfaces with the tension load ring which adjusts on the tension joint for proper riser space-out and position.


The two primary types of the hydro-pneumatic tensioner (HPT) design configurations are: pull-up or push-up. The most common is the pull-up tensioner utilized in applications where the tension loads are medium to high with stroke lengths from 4 ft. to 28 ft.

The push-up type tensioner is utilized for applications with high tensioner loads, stroke lengths greater than 20 feet, and where the cylinders can be mounted directly onto the floating facilities structure.

Both configurations incorporate centralizing rollers that constrain the system from lateral and rotational loads while providing guidance during the entire stroke. These types of tensioner systems have been successfully utilized on TLP’s and Spars in the Gulf of Mexico, Asia-Pacific and West Africa regions.


Fixed Lock-Off Tensioner Systems

FMC’s Fixed Lock-Off Riser Tensioner Systems are designed for benign ocean environments. This tensioner features upper and lower passive load rings that interface with electronic load cells allowing for simple access and maintenance. The design also features two adjustment nuts allowing for riser tension adjustment. This type of tensioner system has been successfully utilized on TLP’s in the Asia-Pacific and West Africa regions.