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Speciality Joints

Stress Joint

FMC provides custom designed specialty joints (Tapered Stress, Keel and Tensioner) for numerous riser applications. These specialty joints are engineered on a project specific basis for overall length, wall thickness and taper length. They feature custom design inter face fatigue resistant compact flanges and threaded riser connections. They are constructed from steel open die forgings and designed for high fatigue applications, high fracture toughness and large bending moments.

Stress Joint Features:
- Steel or Titanium Construction, Extrusion
  or Forging
- Integral tieback connector body or forged flange
  on bottom
- Machined or welded riser connector on top

Keel Joint Features:
- Steel construction, Extrusion or Forging
- Machined or welded riser connection on end
- Outer wear sleeve or bearing

Medium and High Fatigue Resistant Threaded Joint Features:
- Description
  Steel pipe, OCTG, with machined ends, Threaded and Coupled
  Thermal spray aluminum coating for outer risers (medium) and finished joints (high) 
  for cathodic protection
- Fatigue resistant features
- Low stress amplification factors
- Low stress tapered thread form
- High preload to withstand cyclical loading
- Axial, bending and torsional
- Specialized welding requirements (high)
- Qualification testing (Fatigue testion, CTOD, etc.)
- Production control: weld profile control, fit-up tools, grinding of root and cap
- Detailed inspection: UT, RT, MP, visual