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Completion and Intervention

Completion Workover Riser Systems

FMC offers multifunctional monobore and dual-bore riser systems for heavy installation operation from drilling rigs to the Light Well Intervention systems for wireline and coil tubing operations performed for drilling rigs or smaller support vessels. These systems make it possible to install, retrieve and perform interventions on the subsea tree systems while maintaining well control from the completion/intervention vessel.

Intervention Systems

The Heavy Completion/Intervention System includes Lower Riser Package, Emergency Disconnect Package, riser joints, specialty riser joints, tensioner system and surface tree.

The Lower Riser Package (LRP) is designed to isolate the well from the personnel and the riser. The Pipe Slip Ram (PSR) hangs off the work string and provides the means for retrieval of a sheared work string once the emergency has ended.

The Emergency Disconnect Package (EDP) is designed for an emergency, allowing the completion/intervention vessel to disconnect from the subsea well while under load with a high disconnection angle. The EDP disconnects from the LRP and isolates the riser from the environment.