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Prince TLP

Drilling Completions and Workover Risers

FMC Technologies' Drilling Completion and Workover Riser (CWOR) and FMC's latest Riserless Intervention Systems is a combination of products and services that provide a complete systems approach to system engineering, detail design, stress and riser analysis and equipment manufacturing.

FMC's well systems provide a combination of surface and subsea technology to meet the demanding conditions associated with TLP and Spar platforms. A Direct Vertical Access System consists of these types of components:

  • FMC UWD-15 and UWD-10 Subsea Wellhead System at the mudline
  • FMC Subsea Tieback Connector to connect the top tensioned riser to the subsea wellhead
  • FMC Stress, Keel and Tensioner Joints designed to be application specific
  • FMC High- and Medium-Fatigue-Resistant Riser Joints designed to be application specific
  • FMC Riser Tensioner System
  • FMC Surface Wellhead and Tree System