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VECON Tie-in System


The Vertical Connection System (VECON®) is designed to install and vertically connect flexible flowlines, rigid spools, rigid flowlines with flexible tails, flowline risers and umbilicals. The collet connector with the Vertical Connector Actuation Tool (V-CAT) is lifted directly onto the receiving hub in one operation. These systems have no interference with the seabed during installation and connection, increasing the subsea visibility during installation. Based on the KC mechanical connectors, this system leaves no hydraulic components subsea, and may be used in both mono and multibore configurations.

With the V-CAT  mounted directly on each collet connector, this connection system is a time efficient way of connecting lines. Since the VECON system does not require a pull-in capability, it simplifies the tool functions and provides a time efficient tie-in operation. The connection system ( CAT ) is very compact, requires minimal mobilization, and is air transportable worldwide.