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The MAX Tie-in System is based on the MAX Mechanical Collet Connector. The MAX connector is a robust 15ksi design developed for high jumper load (i.e. HP / HT) conditions. This connector design leaves no hydraulic components subsea after installation. Make-up of the collet connector is performed by the Connector Actuating Tool (CAT), operated by the ROV. Hub inspection and cleaning prior to connection is performed by ROV with dedicated tool package.

The MAX connection system is suitable for up to 14” ND fl owlines and features:

  • Working pressure up to 15,000 psi
  • MAX-8 designed to accommodate up to 8” pipe; MAX-14 up to 14” pipe
  • High bending, torsion and preload capabilities for HP / HT applications
  • All hydraulic components for Tie-in integrated in CAT
  • Positive pre-load via fl at-to-fl at locking mechanism
  • Primary Metal to Metal seal, secondary non-metal seal
  • CAT performs hub alignment, soft land and boot strap during installation
  • CAT performs external Lock/Unlock and secondary unlock of MAX connector


MAX Brochure

(PDF, 721 kb)