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Universal Connection Systems

Subsea fields are developed using a variety of connection system solutions. Over the past two decades, FMC Technologies has manufactured a complete range of horizontal and vertical connection systems and associated connection tools. FMC Technologies' latest innovation is the Universal Connection System (UCON).

UCON Connection System is a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) manipulator tool-based system offering both collet and clamp connection systems for the horizontal or vertical connection of rigid jumpers and spools, flexible flowlines and umbilicals towards subsea structures such as manifolds, satellites, pipeline end terminations, pipeline end manifolds, in-line tees and riser bases.

The main features of the UCON system are:

  • Basic ROV tooling – multiple connections can be performed in less time and with less offshore support
  • High alignment performance – to accommodate routine installation tolerances and loads
  • Field proven KC collet and KL clamp connectors and gaskets for:
    • Monobore and multibore connections
    • Horizontal and vertical connections
    • Insulated and non-insulated connections
  • Easy to scale – easy to apply across the range of available connector sizes and insulation requirements
  • Stroke in/stroke back for contingency operations (seal replacement)
  • Parking functionality – park and lock jumper end on foundation for module retrieval
  • Minimum mobilization– lightweight ROV tooling is air transportable worldwide

UCON Connection Systems

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