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Horizontal tie-ins

Horizontal Tie-In Systems

Horizontal Tie-in may be used for both first-end and second end tie-in of both flowlines, umbilicals and Jumper spools. The termination head is hauled in to the Tie-in point by use of a subsea winch. Horizontal Tie-in may be made up by Clamp Connectors operated from a Tie-in tool, by integrated hydraulic connectors operated through the ROV, or by non-hydraulic collet connectors with assistance from a Connector Actuation Tool ( CAT ) and ROV. Horizontal connections leave the flowline/umbilical in a straight line, and is easy to protect if overtrawling from fishermen should occur.

By use of Horizontal Tie-in systems, the tie-in tool does not need to be retrieved to surface in between each connection operation. This makes Horizontal Tie-in's a very efficient solution for multiple connection lines.



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