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Torus Connector

Torus Connector

The Torus connectors are a family of hydraulically or mechanically actuated connectors for subsea applications.

The connectors are used in a variety of applications, including subsea tree, tubing head, riser, jumper, and flowline applications. Torus connectors are available for bore sizes from 4" to 30", with internal pressure capacity up to 15,000 psi. The larger connectors have bending capacities up to 10 Million ft-lbs.

The connectors are locked by downward movement of a primary locking piston behind locking segments to form a nearly 360o contact with the hub profile. The pressure required to unlock the connector is generally less than ½ of the required lock pressure. The design incorporates a self-locking flat-to-flat interface between the primary piston and locking segments that keeps the connector locked once hydraulic pressure is released. A factory set adjustment ring establishes precise, repeatable connector preload settings.



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