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Clamp Connectors


Clamp Connectors are based on a 2 segmented clamp screwed together around two hubs. Clamp connectors may connect both single and multi-bore connections, and are mainly used in horizontal applications.

FMC Technologies provide a series of standard connectors from single-bore (10") and multi-bore (6" + 2" + 14 hydraulic lines) to large 36" export lines.

FMC’s KLV-8 Clamp Connector has extensive field experience from the North Sea used in both horizontal and vertical applications with working pressure to 15,000 psi and 10,000 ft. w.d.

The KLV-8 features:

  • Equivalent Bending and Torsion capacity same as MAX-8 connector
  • Backwards compatible with existing MAX-8 hubs, hub support structures and gaskets
  • Available as a fully-insulated Connector
  • Utilizes a ROV Torque Tool for clamp actuation, eliminating permanently installed hydraulics and/or product specific tooling


The KLV-8 offers:

  • Lowers installed cost for well and flowline jumpers
  • Eliminates need for proprietary hydraulic connector actuation tools (CATs), significantly reducing running tool costs for the project
  • Simplifies logistics during jumper installation by allowing more jumpers to be carried offshore per deployment



Clamp Brochure