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Enhanced Vertical Deepwater Tree (EVDT)


Vertical trees offer a variety of completion, intervention, and retrieval benefits due to their unique, vertical placement of valves in the bore and positioning of the hanger.  FMC Technologies has pioneered the development of vertical subsea tree systems having installed more than 1,000 worldwide in conditions ranging from conventional to extreme.

The Enhanced Vertical Deepwater Tree (EVDT) is a mono-bore system that combines the critical safety and reliability features of vertical tree technology with the operational benefits of the horizontal tree providing the lowest lifecycle cost. With its patented design and modular structure, the EVDT maximizes the use of standard components and is manufactured globally within FMC Technologies’ major manufacturing centers. The tree is rated for up to 10,000 feet water depth and is capable of operating in temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and 15,000 psi. It will soon be available for applications up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and 20,000 psi.  The EVDT is available in a unique slimbore configuration with 13 ⅝” OD tubing hanger allowing use of compact installation equipment, or as a full bore system with 18 ¾” hanger suitable for high volume completions.

The EVDT has earned some of the industry’s highest recognitions, winning a 2008 Spotlight on New Technology Award at the Offshore Technology Conference and a 2011 Best Deepwater Technology Award from World Oil magazine. Since its first installation in 2008, the EVDT has taken subsea production to greater depths, setting a world record depth of 9,627 feet (2,934 meters) at the Shell-operated Tobago field (Perdido project) in the Gulf of Mexico.

EVDT Advantages:

  • Unique interface design offers operational flexibility for completion and workovers.

  • The 18 ¾” H4 upper hub connection to the EVDT allows the BOP to connect on top of the tree eliminating the need for a special installation and intervention riser system.

  • Common interface profile in the tubing hanger and tree top allows the tooling to be used interchangeably, significantly reducing the number of tools required during installation, intervention or removal.

  • Slimbore configuration with 13 ⅝” OD and a compact, lightweight tree design enables installation from lower-cost rigs or via tree on wire methods from a vessel offering millions of dollars in operational savings.

  • Ability to choose the preferred type of completion – installing the tubing hanger directly in the subsea wellhead or in the tubing head spool.

  • Up to eleven downhole lines enable advanced functionality over the life of the field.

  • Reconfigurable flow module packages critical components such as choke and flow meter into one module that is independently retrievable with a smaller rig reducing production downtime for maintenance from days to hours. Flow module also allows easy conversion from production to injection by replacing the choke as the field ages.

  • Standardized tooling shared between 10,000 psi and 15,000 psi EVDT systems improves availability and significantly reduces hardware costs and lead time on projects. 


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