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Manifold Core Components

As the world's largest integrated subsea systems supplier, FMC Technologies has solutions expertise second to none. Customized manifold and tie-in solutions are developed for a complete range of applications using standard, field-proven components. This proven approach minimizes capital and operating expenditures across the subsea field. Performance of all metal seals and valves has been verified through API 6A Appendix F PR2 tests.


FMC Technologies' valves have been meeting performance and endurance demands for years. Versatile metal-sealing gate and ball valves are at work in offshore and subsea applications in virtually every major oil- and gas-producing area of the world. Available in working pressures to 15,000 psi, FMC's valves come in trims for a complete range of water, oil and gas services, including corrosive, high-temperature, arctic and sandy environments.


We offers metal-to-metal and proprietary elastomer seals proven in a complete range of high-pressure, high-temperature subsea services.

  • Elastomer Seals
    FMC Technologies Non-Metallics Department produces a variety of hydrogenated nitrile rubber compounds for use in high-pressure, high-temperature applications. Seal compounds are rated for all API material classes, including HH, and are also amine resistant. Anti-extrusion devices compensate for thermal expansion/contraction of the seal element.
  • Metal Seals
    FMC's proprietary metal seals have gained global acceptance in offshore and subsea services. A complete range of energized metal-seal options is available to increase service life and improve production efficiencies in manifold applications.


FMC Technologies provides a series of connection products from single-bore to multi-bore (from 2" to 36"). Connectors are used to make strong pressure-tight connections designed to withstand high pressure, temperature, bending and torsional load condiitons. FMC offers both Collet and Clamp style for multiple applications.