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UWD-HC Wellhead Systems

FMC’s High Capacity (HC) Subsea Wellhead Systems are engineered to meet the increasing capacities and pressures in the subsea drilling environment with 4 M lbs. of wellhead string capacity and meets temperature ratings up to 350oF.

The FMC UWD-HC family is based on the field proven UWD-15 wellhead systems including the use of fewer running and test tools. FMC’s high capacity tools are designed to handle higher capacities while performing multi-functions.



 System Description



Incorporating the same features as the HC-20 system, the HC-15 Systems including the Super Heavy Duty Rigid Lock Mechanism,  low pressure housing designed for 42” or 38” conductor pipe, intermediate open water casing strings of 32” or 30” and 28” or 26”, and the same metal-to-metal seal assemblies and submudline equipment.

  • High pressure wellhead housing incorporates the H4 connection profile
  • 4M lbs. string capacity
  • 15,000 psi operating pressure
  • 4M lbs. wellhead string capacity with two independent active load shoulders
  • 20K wellhead pressure rating
  • 30" OD Super Heavy Duty H4 Connector
  • 16" hanger run submudline or in the wellhead
  • 32"/28" open water casing string
  • Submudline 16" casing hanger (10K PSI pressure rating, 2M string capacity)
  • 16" or 13-5/8" casing hanger in wellhead (20K PSI pressure rating, 2M string capacity

Wellhead Interface



 Ideal Application

 Wells that are ultra deep, high pressure, and high temperature that require additional casing string capacity


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