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Annulus Monitoring System

The Annulus Monitoring System is a wireless communication system developed to provide operators with crucial independent condition monitoring within a subsea wellhead from the onset of drilling and throughout the life of the well. The system delivers actionable information to the operator about annular fluid and components during critical phases of well installation and startup, when the chance for unexpected well conditions is highest.

The system enables monitoring of fluid conditions between casing strings during all phases of drilling, completion, andproduction operations, by implementing a novel communication technique capable of transmitting through thick steel barriers without wires or bulkhead connections.

Advantages of the system:

  • Unlike radio frequency (RF) communications, the digital communication signal is not limited by the conductivity of the metal barrier or surrounding seawater.
  • Unlike conventional acoustic communications, multipath "echoes" cannot distort the signal.
  • Communications are available during early phases of drilling and throughout production without the need to shut-in or require additional down-hole equipment.
  • Data is collected during drilling through a battery powered subsea telemetry link, and through direct connection with the subsea control module after landing the tree.
  • No requalification of subsea equipment is required because the system integrates over the existing pup joint just below the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd position casing hanger.

These advantages make the wireless monitoring system ideally suited for well monitoring where the communications path includes multiple layers of steel, cement, seawater, and mud.

AMS winning spotlight award

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