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FMC's subsea wellhead systems lead the industry with reliable and cost-effective drilling solutions which meet customer demands for Standard, Slimbore and High-Capacity drilling and production in water depths from a few hundred feet to 10,000 feet or more. In addition to our advanced technology and systems, we provide world-proven weight-set installation, metal-to-metal sealing and multi-function tools. The FMC subsea wellhead family of systems can be configured in a multitude of applications, reducing installation time and money over competitive designs.

Our drilling systems feature

Metal-to-Metal Seals
The proprietary metal annulus seal is rated for 15,000 psi service. Gas testing has been successfully completed to 350 F, with the seal maintaining integrity even after cool-down. The metal-to-metal seal is weight set with the hydraulic action of the Single-Trip Tool completing seal energizing and lockdown. 

Elastomer Seals
The UWD-15 elastomer seal assembly provides a reliable alternative to metal-to-metal seals. It is rated to the same operating temperature and pressure and is fully interchangeable with the metal-to-metal seal assembly. The proprietary FMC Subsea Drilling Systems’ elastomer expands radially and is preloaded as setting pressure is applied. 

Drill-Cutting Injection Wellhead System
The Drill-Cutting Injection Wellhead System is designed for guideline water depths. In order to reach ultra-deepwater depths, the system will be adapted to accommodate a preloaded system and guidelineless operations. Emergency isolation during drilling of the hole for the 13-3/8" casing is facilitated via an isolation sleeve. This design prevents a possible well abandonment situation in the event of leakage of the injection system seals.

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Annulus Monitoring System

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