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Subsea Distribution

FMC Technologies' Subsea Distribution Systems consist of a group of products providing communication from subsea controls to topside.  These products are developed based on FMC Technologies’ field-proven technology and years of experience.

Electrical Flying Leads (EFL)
The Electrical Flying Lead (EFL) connects communication on power circuits between various pieces of subsea distribution equipment. The EFL has different configurations, such as 4-way (with 4 wires), 8-way or 12-way. The connectors at the end of the flying lead can have any plug/receptacle combination. EFLs contain ROV-type connectors at each end to allow for subsea installation and retrieval.

Steel Flying Leads (SFL)
FMC Technologies has developed an encapsulated Steel Flying Lead (SFL) product line. Design innovations have been incorporated to handle the increasingly harsher subsea environment that customers encounter in their operations. FMC Technologies’ SFL surface deployment system handles up to two 1,000 foot SFLs and utilizes a minimum amount of equipment and deck space; additionally, surface deployment eliminates the need for on-board heavy lift equipment. Installation time is reduced to 4-6 hours depending on water depth and length of the SFL.

Umbilical Termination Head (UTH)
The Umbilical Termination Head (UTH) is a box structure attached to the subsea production control umbilical armor termination. Individual umbilical lines and cables are terminated inside. Hydraulic/chemical services are terminated to a multiple quick-connect (MQC) junction plate. Electrical quad cables are terminated to an electrical termination assembly which splits the service to a group of bulkhead electrical connectors.

Installation and Workover Control System (IWOCS)
FMC Technologies’ Installation and Workover Control System (IWOCS) is used to monitor and control the deployment and operation of subsea production equipment for both horizontal and vertical trees. The same system is also used for the retrieval and workover of this equipment. Our systems can be used in large, multi-well field development systems, as well as single-well deployment and interventions.