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Subsea Pumping

Subsea pumping is one of the most mature solutions for increasing oil recovery from subsea tie-backs.  In boosting applications, seabed pumps improve production economics by reducing backpressure on the reservoir which increases flow rates, and total recoverable reserves.  In other applications where there is poor sweep efficiency or low reservoir drive, single phase pumps can be used to inject water (seawater or produced water) into the well to increase pressure in the reservoir and sweep hydrocarbons from the formation raising recovery and enabling increased production rates.


  • Accelerates production
  • Increases recovery and extension of field life
  • Facilitiates production from low energy reservoirs
  • Reduces OPEX
  • Improves flow assurance performance
  • Faster and safer start-up of low energy wells

Leveraging our experience as a subsea systems integrator, FMC Technologies has developed a vast knowledge of pumping applications and the know how to apply the right technology to maximize performance of the subsea system.  To further the development of "state of the art" pumping technology, FMC Technologies has collaborated with Sulzer, one of the leaders in pumping solutions, to fully qualify a 3.2 MW 5,000 psi helico-axial mulitphase pump system for high boost applications.  This solution leverages Sulzer's field-proven pump hydraulics with FMC Technologies's advanced high-speed permanent magnetic motor technology and subsea system design and integration experience, providing operators with the flexibility to address a wide variety of applications, even in extreme environments.  The product family includes:  helico-axial multiphase pumps, hybrid pumps, and single-phase centrifugal pumps. 


Energizing Subsea
Powerful and optimized for harsh subsea environments, permanent magnet motors provide operators with operational flexibility in subsea boosting.This technology is qualified for subsea and is the driving force behind the pumps developed for subsea boosting through a partnership between FMC Technologies and Sulzer Ltd.

FMC Technologies has developed a range of permanent magnet motors for subsea applications that provides a high speed, power-dense and more compact design capable of delivering higher performance in harsh subsea environments. Used to drive Sulzer subsea pumps, the modular combination offers an innovative yet reliable solution to subsea pumping that exceeds traditional motor capabilities and is truly game-changing. For more information on subsea pumps and motors from FMC Technologies, click here.

Key Permanent Magnet Motor Benefits
• High speed, power-dense and more compact design enables higher efficiencies
• Smaller rotor diameter and larger gaps reduce frictional losses, allowing for higher-power motors
• Greater power enables stand-alone pump for traditional multi-pump and deeper water applications
• Superior materials with specialized treatments and coatings

Motor Design Specifications





Power rating

1 – 6 MW

Pressure rating up to

15,000 psi (1.034 bar)

Water depth down to

10,000 ft (3,030 m)

Temperature rating

28 to 350°F (-2 to 177°C)

Liquid flow rate

40,000 bpd (265m3/h)

61,500 bpd (407m3/h)

70,950 BPD (407m3/h)

Differential pressure

2,500 PSI (172 bar)

3,500 psi (241 bar)

4,500 psi (310 bar)



Subsea Pumping Brochure 2015

Subsea Pumping Brochure.pdf