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Subsea Thermal Insulation

  FMC's Novolastic™ Subsea Thermal Insulation is a thermal insulation and protective coating applied to components subjected to deepwater immersion.  Enabled by its easy cast-in-place application method, it can readily be applied to subsea trees, manifolds, PLET's, PLEM's, jumpers, and similar components on any remote site worldwide.  Novolastic superior thermal properties helps delay the onset of hydrate formation and wax deposition. 




   Features and Benefits:
  • Excellent solution as a thermal insulation materials for subsea production and separation equipments
  • Extends cool down periods through low thermal conductivity
  • Materials provides stable thermal performance over time and has a successful field track record for applications up to 300oF (149oC)
  • Silicone-based insulation compounded with hollow glass microspheres to reduce the density and thermal conductivity of the material
  • Superior tensile elongation properties (250 - 300%) as compared to standard syntactic foam (0.5%) to allow thermal or mechanical expansion/movement of piping (such as flowline U-jumpers) without cracking or breaking
  • Minimal volumetric thermal expansion
  • Rated to 10,000 ft (3,048 m) water depths
  • Low water absorption permits the material to maintain its thermal conductivity properties over time
  • Non-exothermic reaction during the curing process results in a quicker and more reliable application
  • Material is easy to apply (cast-in-place with molds)
  • Available in 2 colors (non-glare white and yellow)
  • Superior field performance track record

 NovolasticBrochure Click here for Novolastic Brochure

Novolastic has been rigorously qualified through the following series of tests to verify its performance for a range of deepwater service conditions stated:

 Thermal conductivity:     ASTM C518
 Density:                     ASTM D792
 Heat capacity:     ASTM E1269
 Tensile strength:           ASTM D412
 Tensile elongation:        ASTM D412
 Hardness, Shore A:        ASTM D2240

Aging tests:

  • Water absorption in pressurized water
  • Effect of pressurized water on thermal conductivity
  • Sea water on samples bonded to steel

Simulated service test:  Full-scale pipe section coated in Novolastic insulation with hot oil/air inside pipe and cold water at elevated external pressure

Qualification program:

  • Exon
  • Total
  • BP