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ocean-flo Single Phase Flow Meter

ocean-flo Single Phase Flow Meter

The ocean-flo™ SPFM is a single phase flow meter used in subsea applications to assist aging or depleting oil and gas wells.

ocean-flo is integrated within the subsea mainframe system within a tree, manifold or flow jumper. It is primarily used to boost the extraction rates of oil or gas where the reservoir pressure has depleted over time.

The injection of water directly into the subsea gas well creates the required pressure to enable further extraction, thus maximizing the output of the reservoir and optimizing the life of the field. The same effect is created by injecting gas into the oil production lines coming from the well, thus creating a pressurized "lift" effect.ocean-flo Single Phase Flowmeter

The class-leading subsea electronics interface along with the flexibility of the design offerings make the ocean-flo a winning formula with subsea installations.


  • No intrusions in line
  • No maintenance required
  • High repeatability
  • No moving parts
  • Simple and robust subsea flow measurement
  • Can be installed in any orientation
  • Qualified and Class leading Subsea DP Transmitter
  • Customized design service
  • Precision made venturi tube
  • API flanges or weld neck to suit client
  • FAT includes Electrical Continuity Test, Hydrostatic and gas test as standard
  • DP Transmitter: RS485/KOS, 4-20m Amp, CANOpen
  • DP ranges:
    • 0-4.641 psi (0-0.32 bar)
    • 0-18.855 psi (0-1.3 bar)
    • 0-72.52 psi (0-5 bar)
    • 0-435 psi (0-30 bar)
  • DP cell connection: Bennex, ODI or Tronic
  • DP cell connection type: ROV, Diver Mate
  • Dual DP cell or Redundancy
  • Flow Meter materials: Carbon Steel with Inconel overlay, Duplex or Super Duplex. Other materials are available upon request.
  • Standard Coating: NORSOK M-501 system 7. Other coating are available upon request.