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Flow Manager

Being able to know pressure, temperature and flow rates during oil and gas production gives the operator the opportunity to optimize production, reduce operating costs and avoiding expensive shutdown.

FlowManager™ is a real-time multiphase metering and flow analysis system for oil and gas production. It has been designed with an emphasis on reliability, accuracy and execution speed. As well as being an outstanding replacement or backup for physical multiphase flowmeters, it can provide the operator with valuable real-time information to assure and optimize flow and prevent costly operations.

The applications listed below can be integrated and customized in a Flow Assurance System with both in-house and third-party solutions. The real-time central advisory and control system builds on a common functionality and repository platform, permitting a scaleable and flexible solution that can be adapted to changing requirements.

  • FlowManager™ Virtual Flow Metering System (VFMS)
    -Accurate multiphase flow rate calculations are achievable as a replacement or backup for multiphase flowmeters.
  • FlowManager™ Production Optimization (MaxPro)
    -Both a real-time and offline optimization tool for subsea oil and gas production.
  • FlowManager™ Pipeline Management System (PMS)
    -Allows pipeline monitoring to check for liquid hold up, MEG tracking, hydrate monitoring and pig tracking.
  • FlowManager™ Formation Water Management System (FWMS)
    -Provides early warning of formation water breakthrough.
  • FlowManager™ Production Choke Control System (PCCS)
    -Optimal set-points for chokes, well ramp-up control and liquid surge management.
  • FlowManager™ MEG Injection Management and Control System (MIMCS)
    -A chemical injection management tool which monitors and prevents hydrate formation.
  • FlowManager™ Integrity Monitoring System (IMS)
    -Monitors real-time status of subsea sensors, multiphase meters, production chokes and other flow-related process equipment.
  • FlowManager™ Erosion Monitoring System (EMS)
    -Provides erosion status and expected damage at any location along the pipeline.
  • FlowManager™ Corrosion Monitoring System (CMS)
    -Provides corrosion status and expected damage reported at any location along the pipeline.
  • FlowManager™ Wax Monitoring System (WMS)
    -Monitors potential wax buildup in the flowline.
  • FlowManager™ Leakage and Blockage Monitoring (LBM)
    -Scrutinizes abnormal pressure changes in the pipeline due to any potential leakage or blockage.

FlowManager™ has been in operation since 1995 and is currently operating on 450 wells distributed on 20 fields globally. FMC’s Operations Support Centre is currently monitoring 1.2 M barrels of oil and 200 M Sm3 of gas per day which is equivalent to 60 percent of total Norwegian oil production.

Ormen Lange FAS:

The accuracy of the virtual metering system has proven to be impressive. So has the overall robustness of the Flow Assurance System models. Should a physical flowmeter or any other sensor fail, production can be confidently maintained at the high rates required to meet the delivery obligations.Being able to sustain a high production, even in the event of a flowmeter failure, means that the planned revenue stream can be maintained at all times.