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Flow Management

FMC Technologies offers a broad range of products and services to manage and secure the hydrocarbon flow from the reservoir to the export point.

These products and services can be applied at various stages of a field life cycle, from initial discovery to the mature production phase, to maximize an operator's return on investment through:

• Optimization of the field architecture during the early-phase planning and design
• Increased recovery and improved production planning during the operations

During early-phase planning, flow assurance experts help optimize the field architecture and define flow assurance strategies through field studies and simulations. Installed FlowManager™ provides accurate production and injection flow rates in addition to advice for optimal choke setting and well routing. Installed Flow Manager™ can easily be expanded to become a Flow Assurance System (FAS) to include online monitoring of potential flow assurance issues. In the operation phase, experts from FMC’s Operations Support Center provide daily support.

FlowManager™ has been in operation since 1995 and is currently operating on 450 wells distributed on 20 fields globally. FMC’s Operations Support Center is currently monitoring 1.2 M barrels of oil and 200 M Sm3 of gas per day, which is equivalent to 60 percent of Norway's total oil production.

As fields become more complex, FMC sees a growing demand for flow assurance experts to improve the design of subsea production equipment and field layouts.

Flow Management Systems Locations:

  • U.S.: Houston, Texas 
  • Norway: Kongsberg/Asker 
  • Asia Pacific: Singapore

Flow Management Systems: +47 6675 3200

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