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Intervention Workover Control Systems

IWOCS Product Image

FMC Technologies' Intervention Workover Control Systems (IWOCS) are designed to control the rig-based and vessel-based Well Access Systems (WAS) tools and operations. IWOCS provide the operator with the ability to perform secure and effective installation, completion and intervention tasks offshore, and can be supplied fully compliant and certified to Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL-2). The IWOCS can also be used separate from the WAS in controlling the subsea tree under Tree on Wire operations or well start-up, or to control subsea trees and equipment during non-FMCTI operations.

FMC Technologies' Intervention Workover Control Systems (IWOCS) enable efficient intervention and completion work on wells through existing subsea completion systems.

Applications, Functions and Components
IWOCS operate in and change between the following operations:

IWOCS carry out the following main functions:

  • Normal operation of tree functions and monitoring of production equipment and system status
  • Normal operation of well access functions and monitoring of equipment status
  • Execution of:
    - Production Shutdown (PSD)
    - Emergency Shutdown (ESD)
    - Emergency Quick Disconnect (EQD)

IWOCS main component options:

  • Container split solutions:
    - Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
    - Hydraulic Distribution Unit (HDU)
    - Master Control Panel (MCP)
  • Subsea tree umbilical and reel system
  • Simplified Landing String (SLS)/Landing String (LS) umbilical and reel system
  • High Set Lubricator Valve (HSLV) umbilical and reel system
  • Service umbilical and reel system
  • Annulus hose
  • Work Over Control Module for Emergency Disconnect Package (EDP)
  • Subsea jumper systems for EDP, SLS/LS and tree running tool
  • Riser monitoring and management
  • Launch and Retrieval System (LARS)

IWOCS UCOS Computer System
The IWOCS User Configurable Open System (UCOS) Master Control Station (MCS) delivers a field-proven, globally standardized computer system with common and recognizable user interfaces worldwide.

The UCOS MCS can provide the following functionality:

  • Well monitoring and control
  • MCS redundancy monitoring and control
  • Subsea communication summary
  • Well shutdown control
  • Trending
  • Alarm summary
  • Event history



IWOCS Product Brochure

(PDF, 677 kb)