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Well Access Systems

Safe and reliable installation of subsea equipment is critical in the development of a subsea oil and gas field. As fields mature, the need to perform interventions also increases in criticality for our customers. To help ensure safe production from the field, FMC Technologies has over the last 20 years developed market leading Well Access technology.

Rig based subsea tree completion and intervention systems

FMC Technologies rigbased well access systems are utilized for subsea tree installation, well completion and intervention activities such as;

  • Run/retrieve the subsea tree
  • Run/retrieve the tubing hanger wireline plugs and tools
  • Well cleanup and testing
  • Workover operations to provide wireline and coiled tubing access into the production and/or annulus wellbores

FMC Technologies supply and operate the following rig based systems

  • Completion Workover Riser: open-water system designed to perform safe installation, completion and intervention on subsea trees
  • Landing String:  in-riser system utilized within the drilling vessel marine riser system to interface subsea completion and intervention
  • Through Tubing Rotary Drilling: open water system with surface BOP to enable drilling of well side tracks as well as heavy coiled tubing operations

Vessel based intervention systems

During the life of a field, interventions and workovers are necessary to improve and optimize field recovery. FMC Technologies has proven technologies which meet the challenges related to increasing oil recovery from subsea wells.

  • Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI) technology enables cost-effective intervention operations into existing subsea wells, resulting in additional production volumes from mature subsea fields
  • FMC Technologies RLWI technology includes a patented lubricator system for inserting downhole tool packages into the wellbore under full pressure without taking hydrocarbons back to the vessel

In additon to traditional tree installation, completion and intervention, FMC Technologies has extensive experience of providing open water Tree on Wire installation, Intervention workover controls and support services alongside Well Plug and Abandonment for shallow to deep waters.