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Statoil Peregrino

Brazil, Campos Basin/Blocks BMC-7 and BMC-47

Landmark:  Convergence of FMC Technologies' surface and subsea wellhead technologies

Peregrino field is located 85km offshore Brazil in the Campos basin at about 100 meters of water depth in licenses BMC-7 and BMC-47. The field contains 300 to 600 recoverable million barrels of oil equivalents, with a significant yet-to-find potential. An exploration well is currently being drilled at Perregrino South to explore this potential. Following completion of this well, one additional well will be drilled in the area.

The Peregrino Wellhead system is a unihead stack up design which allows multiple casing strings to be run without nippling down the drilling riser or BOP to install a new head for each string.  This unihead design is also compact and features a tubing hanger with six 3/8" control line penetrations, an ESP penetrator, and a horizontal production outlet with two stackable crown plugs contained within a 13 3/8" bowl.  For Peregrino all equipment was standardized between the injector and producer systems with the exception of the tubing hanger, tubing head adapter and choke.

First equipment deliveries began in 2010.

  • Number of Trees:  40
  • Water Depth:  250 feet or 76 meters
  • Tree Type:  Horizontal ESP
  • Tree Pressure:  5,000 psi
  • Tree Bore Size:  5-1/8"
  • Other, ESP, Select Clad, UWD-15
  • Hydrocarbon:  Oil