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Petrobras Plangas

Shell Enterprise Bijupira Salema


Landmark: First Manifold Large Bore with Pipe Clad manufactured by FMC Technologies in Brazil , Piping and Valves with 9” and 16" and tripe modules connection.

Both Plangas Manifolds are part of the Plangas Project, Gas Production Anticipation Plan, which has the strategic goal to assure the gas market supplying in Brazil Southeastern. The Manifolds will receive gas production from the platforms P-50, P-52, P-55, P-62 and Frade’s Field, reaching, approximately, 10 million m3/day of production, being able to reach 13 Million m3/day.

All manifolds phases were provided by FMC Technologies in Brazil. The project brings pionners technology solutions as large bore with pipe clad (composed by pipelines and subsea valves with 9" and 16", with nickel surface corrosion treatment ), tripe modules connection, developed specially for this project, HIPPS (High Integrity Pipeline Protection System) subsea control to protect gas pipeline. This resource is set to automatically close the valves, in case of the pressure growing.

  • Contract Award: 2007
  • Sales: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Fabrication: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Service Base: Macaé, Brazil
  • Host Type: Platform