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Petrobras Namorado Garoupa

Petrobras Namorado Garoupa


Landmark: Petrobras Namorado Garoupa is one of Petrobras’ first fields with flare reduction technology.

This field began production in February 1979. It is comprised of four production wells from the Garoupa field in 400 ft (120 m) water depth and four wells from Namorado Field in 530 ft (160 m) water depth.

It is important to point out that much of the technology applied in Garoupa was pioneered for this project, such as wellhead cellar, atmospheric central manifold and the intervention system. It is believed the system has helped set up a learning curve for subsea systems, paving the way to deepwater developments.

In 2001, FMC CBV delivered an injection manifold for Petrobras’ Queima Zero program, which was conceived to reduce the natural gas flared during production of the field.

  • Contract Award: 1987-1992 (Trees); 2000 (Manifold)
  • Sales: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Fabrication: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Service Base: Macaé, Brazil
  • Host Type: Platform
  • Contract Type: EPC