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Petrobras Marlim

Petrobras Marlim


Landmark: Petrobras Marlim is the world’s largest subsea development.

The Marlim field development is located in the northeastern part of Campos Basin about 70 miles (110 km) offshore Rio de Janeiro. The Marlim Field covers an area of 50 miles2 (130 km2), with water depths ranging up to 3,300 ft (1,000 m). In March 1991, the Floating Production Unit P-13 produced the first oil from Marlim. FMC Technologies supplied the GLL-I subsea tree, which achieved a new world water-depth record with the well MRL-3 located at 2,364 ft (721 m) of water.

The field development was divided into two phases. To optimize investments and physical resources, the first development phase was divided into two modules. The first module (Module I) comprised one Floating Production Unit (FPU), a newly built semisubmersible P-18 and later the FPSO P-32, a former Petrobras VLCC Tanker. Sixteen production wells, 12 injection wells and a subsea manifold were connected to the FPU.

Eight FPUs are installed in Marlim, with 125 out of the total of 129 wells already producing (83 production and 46 water injectors, including 36 horizontal wells).