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Petrobras Marimbá Leste

Petrobras Marimba Leste


Landmark: Petrobras Marimbá Leste is the world’s first subsea manifold with compact retrievable well control modules with chokes and multiphase metering systems.

The Marimbá Leste field development consists of seven wells tied back to a manifold, which will be used to control the flow of five production and two water injection wells. FMC Technologies CBV supplied a manifold system and vertical connection modules as well as two GLL-VI subsea trees connected to two additional GLL piggyback subsea trees.

The manifold system has five compact retrievable production modules, which include valves, monophase and multiphase flowmeters, chokes and a crossover pigging loop. The subsea control system has three subsea control modules and a retrievable subsea data acquisition system. The vertical connection system has a funnel-type shape. The electrical system is connected by an ROV using a flying lead.

The piggyback trees, the first of their kind delivered by FMC Technologies CBV to Petrobras, are designed to inject water into the reservoir as well as distribute water flow to other tieback injection wells. The trees are designed for a water depth of 6,600 ft (2,000 m) and are controlled by a hydraulic umbilical system originating at an FPSO. The water injection modules have chokes, monophase flowmeters and pressure/temperature gages. Both systems have retrievable subsea data acquisition modules (MUX), which are located at the production adapter base.