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Petrobras Jubarte



Landmark Comment: FMC Technologies' cooperation with Petrobras to provide new technologies on subsea systems for ESP.

The Jubarte field was discovered in January 2001, as a result of drilling of the 1-ESS-100 well in the south of the state of Espírito Santo at water depth of 4,240 feet (1,323 meters) and about 48 miles (77 km) offshore. It has reserves of 600 million boe of 19-degree API heavy oil and is currently producing 18,000b/d. The drillship Seillean was used to perform extended-duration well tests in the Espirito Santo SS-110 well. Petrobras has also used the Seillean for extended well testing in the Roncador field using an integrated drillpipe riser connected to a wet Christmas tree, both supplied by FMC Technologies CBV.

Jubarte development comprises two phases: Phase 1, already in development, consists of four production wells connected to an FPSO (P-34), and Phase 2, scheduled for 2010 when FPSO P-54 start-up production puts in production 27 wells (21 production and 6 injection).

FMC Technologies CBV delivered to Petrobras in 2005 a WLL Horizontal Tree for ESP with two ball valves incorporated in the tubing hanger, eliminating wireline operations and tree cap installed by ROV.
FMC Technologies CBV, also in cooperation with Petrobras, will supply a Subsea Boosting System for ESP installed on the seabed, outside the production well in the 1st quarter of 2006.

Water Depth: 2000 m (6562 ft)
Tree Pressure: 5000 psi
Tree Type: Horizontal, Vertical
Tree Count: 27
Tree Bore Size: 4"x2"
Hydrocarbons: Oil
Comment: Tree breakdown: 1 (Pilot), 4 (Ph I) & 22 (Ph II)