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Petrobras Espadarte


Location:  Espadarte Field, Campos Basin, Brazil

Landmark:  The first horizontal subsea Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) boosting module to operate in the world. 

The Skid de Bombeio Centrifugo Submerso Submarino (SBCSS), or Skidded Subsea Electric Submersible Pump, project consisted of placing two Electrical Subersible Pumps (ESPs) in the horizontal position inside a caged-type module.  The two pumps are hydraulically connected in series and powered in parallel by a single power umbilical. 

This innovative solution allowed the installation of all hardware to be performed by cable using a support vessel instead of a rig.  The need of using rigs to install subsea Modules of Boosting (MOBO) was one of the main issues related by operators when it comes to intervention capabilities and availability.

The system is installed at water depth of 1200 m (3930 ft), 200 m (650 ft) away from production well ESP-23 and boosts production to the FPSO Cidade Rio das Ostras in a tie-back of 11km (6.8 miles).

The SBCSS started operation in December 2011 and has been producing 12000 bpd in a long-term production test.  The production of this well would not be possible without the boosting module.

  • Number of Trees:  1 (not in the current scope of supply)
  • Water Depth:  1200 m (3930 ft) designed depth to 2,000 m (656 ft)
  • Tree Type:  Vertical GLL
  • Tree Pressure:  5000 psi
  • Tree Bore Size:  4.1/16 inch
  • Number of Pumps/Type of Installation:  2 pumps in series inside a module/Cable installation (not in scope of supply)
  • Type of Pump:  ESP
  • Pump OEM:  Baker Hughes
  • Hydrocarbon:  Oil and gas up to 35%GVF