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Placid Eugene Island 296

Placid Eugene Island 296

U.S., Gulf of Mexico Block EI 296

Landmark: The Placid Eugene Island 296 is the world’s largest subsea project at the time of completion.

The Placid Eugene Island 296 project was revolutionary not only because of its sheer size but also because of the technology used. The multiwell platform was designed to place primary wellheads at the mudline level and the primary production trees in the well riser for greater blowout and fire protection. A retrievable surface-controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV) system with a retrievable concentric-tubing hydraulic fluid conduit, plus on-platform installation of the secondary completion tree, gave each well tree hydraulic and pneumatic shut-in points. Additional backup was provided by diver-operated manual master valves on the submerged tree.
  • Superior 19%
  • TransOcean 16%
  • Placid 13%
  • Hunt 13%
  • Others 39%

    *Project ownership has varied throughout the years.