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LLOG Who Dat

Location:  Mississippi Canyon 503, 504, 547

Landmark Comment:  FMC Technologies Subsea OnDemand enables the fast track development of the Who Dat field.

With its truly semisubmersible FPS moored in 3,100 ft or 945 meters of water stationed in the Gulf of mexico's Mississippi Canyon, the Who Dat field had oil and natural gas production in Q4 of 2011. 

The Who Dat field lies beneath an average water depth of 3,200 feet, with ten stacked reservoirs located between 10,000 - 17,000 feet (3,048 - 5,182 meters) in the Pliocene and Upper Miocene Age Zones.

All well center flow lines, as well as both oil and gas export pipelines , are connected by flexible risers to the Floating Production Unit (FPU).  A 5,000 foot, 11.5 inch flexible riser from the FPU connects to a 19-mile, 14 inch heavy wall thick oil export pipeline culminating at a PLET that ties into Mars pipeline system, which gathers processed crude from Shell production facilities as well as from those owned by other production in the MC and adjacent areas.

For gas export, the FPS is connected via a 9.5-inch flexible riser to a 17-mile, 10-inch pipeline to a PLET connecting to the Independence Trail pipeline operated by Enterprise Field Services, L.L.C.

  • Contract Award Date:  2010
  • Sales Location:  Houston, TX
  • Fabrication:  Houston, TX
  • Service Base:  Houston, TX
  • Host Type:  FPS
  • Contract Type:  Alliance