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Kerr-McGee Red Hawk


U.S., Gulf of Mexico Block GB 877

Landmark: World’s first cell spar

The Red Hawk field is located in Garden Banks Block 877, 100 miles (160 km) from Kerr-McGee’s Gunnison development and 150 miles (240 km) from the Boomvang and Nansen developments. Kerr-McGee and Devon hold interests in 27 other blocks in the Red Hawk area which offer additional satellite exploratory opportunities. GB 877 is estimated to have recoverable reserves of 250 bcf of natural gas and will have a peak gross production of 120 mmcf/d of natural gas during the third quarter of 2004.

The Red Hawk field was developed using new technology: the world’s first cell spar and the second permanent use of synthetic moorings in the Gulf of Mexico. This innovative spar, which is the third generation of spar technology, reduces the reserve threshold needed for an economical development in deep waters.

  • Contract Award: 2002
  • Sales: Houston, Texas
  • Fabrication: Houston, Texas
  • Service Base: Houston, Texas
  • Host Type: Spar
  • Contract Type: Frame Agreement