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Kerr-McGee Constitution


U.S., Gulf of Mexico Block GC 680

Landmark: Truss spar

Constitution, located on Green Canyon Block 680, was sanctioned in January 2004. The Constitution truss spar called the Global Producer X, will be located in a prime position to provide a strategic hub for third-party business in Ticonderoga on Green Canyon Block 768. The spar has a daily production capacity of 70,000 barrels of oil and 200 million cubic feet of gas. This new spar is 554 ft (169 m) long and 98 ft (30 m) in diameter, which is similar to Kerr-McGee's Gunnison truss spar.

Two subsea wells from Ticonderoga are tied back to the Constitution spar.


  • Six 10K surface trees
  • Six external slimline tieback connectors - 12-3/4", with flanged inner body, bolting and seal
  • Six internal tieback connectors - 9-5/8" with ratch-a-latch design
  • Six stab sub nose equipment with assembly to the external TBC
  • Three KMG's shipping baskets - modified to retrofit Constitution's TBC/TSJ assembly 
  • System integration, testing, installation assistance, service and maintenance


  • Two  enhanced horizontal 5"x2" 10,000 psi subsea trees
  • Upper and lower crown plugs both installed in extended tubing hanger
  • ROV-installed tree cap
  • Integrated customer-supplied electro hydraulic production control system
  • Flowline connectors, hubs and gate valves for flowline jumpers, PLEM and PLET
  • Connector Actuating Tools (CAT) used to operate MAX-8 mechanical connectors on flowline and well jumpers
  • Tree and tubing hanger running tools
  • System integration, testing, installation assistance, service and maintenance