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ExxonMobil (Mobil) Yukon

ExxonMobile Yukon

U.S., Gulf of Mexico Block GC 60

Landmark: FMC Technologies’ first electro-hydraulic control system in the Gulf of Mexico

Mobil E&P developed the Green Canyon 60 field located 100 miles (160 km) offshore Louisiana in a water depth of 870 ft (265 m). The development consists of a subsea template tied back to the Mobil GC 18-A production platform. Yukon was the first project in the Gulf of Mexico to utilize an electro-hydraulic control system supplied by FMC.

The flowline gathering system for the oil/gas well fluid consists of two 6" pipelines each 7.7 miles (13 km) in length. The flowlines are connected to the GC 18-A platform by means of steel catenary risers (SCRs). Rigid spool pieces with ADS-assist swivel flanges are used to connect the flowlines to the subsea manifold. Hydraulic controls, chemical injection and electrical power are supplied to the subsea template from GC 18-A by means of an integrated service umbilical, which also contains a 3" steel pipeline for gas lift.

Water Depth: 265 m (870 ft)
Tree Pressure: 5000 psi
Tree Type: EVXT
Tree Count: 2
Tree Bore Size: 3"x2"
Hydrocarbons: Oil